Where is the youngest seafloor in the ocean?

mid-ocean ridges

Likewise, people ask, what areas of the Atlantic seafloor have the youngest rocks the oldest?

The rocks that make up the crust on the ocean’s floor are youngest near the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. They are colored red in this picture. The rocks are older (yellow, green) further from the spreading ridge. Molten lava pours out at the mid-ocean ridge.

Secondly, what is the age of the youngest oceanic crust? 180 million years

Consequently, where are the youngest areas of the Atlantic Ocean?

The location of the youngest rocks on the seafloor shows that new rocks form in the middle of the ocean, the same location as the shallowest area of the ocean. This line of new, relatively shallow rocks is known as the mid-Atlantic Ridge.

What is the age of the seafloor at the Mid Atlantic Ridge?

The two parts of the oceanic plate are pulled apart, and magnetic stripes become older as they move away from the mid-ocean ridge. The figure shows the spreading ridge about 5 million years ago (a), about 2 to 3 million years ago (b) and nowadays (c).

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