What are the 12 steps of MRT?

MRT uses 12-16 objectively defined steps, which focus on seven basic treatment issues:

  • Confrontation of beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors.
  • Assessment of current relationships.
  • Reinforcement of positive behavior and habits.
  • Positive identity formation.
  • Enhancement of self-concept.

Furthermore, what are the steps in MRT?

The MRT workbook is structured around 16 objectively defined steps (units) focusing on seven basic treatment issues: confrontation of beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors; assessment of current relationships; reinforcement of positive behavior and habits; positive identity formation; enhancement of self-concept; decrease

Similarly, what is MRT therapy? Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT) is a type of behavioral therapy aimed at decreasing the likelihood of someone returning to abusing substances or alcohol. MRT started as a behavioral treatment for offender populations to reduce the likelihood of re-offending.

People also ask, how many steps are there in MRT?

16 steps

What does Reconation mean?

The word “conation” is an archaic term for the word “ego” as that term is used in structural models of the mind. “Reconation” means, very roughly, to “reboot” the “ego.”

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