Is the book thief based on a real person?

Author: Markus Zusak

Herein, who is the book thief based on?

Markus Zusak

Furthermore, what inspired the book thief? Zusak, an Australian author, has said that writing the book was inspired by two real-life events related to him by his German parents: the bombing of Munich, and a teenage boy offering bread to an emaciated Jew being marched through the streets, ending with both boy and Jewish prisoner being whipped by a soldier.

Then, who does Liesel marry?

Answer and Explanation: Although some readers have speculated that Liesel marrying Max is implied by the events of the book, Zusak has stated this is not the case. Liesel meets Max years later when everyone else they knew is dead, however, and they maintain a special connection their whole life.

What language was the book thief originally written in?

English German

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